DeMeco Ryans Vs Houston NFL Holdings “Houston Texans”

DeMeco Ryans was a Pro-Bowl Linebacker for the Texans before he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. He was playing a game against the Texans in NRG Stadium and tore his Achilles Tendon which ended his very lucrative career. Mr. Ryans filed a case of first impression against the visiting team, the Houston Texans for a Premise’s Liability. He argued in the first case of this kind that the Houston Texans’ field, which at the time was growing outside of the stadium and installed in 16 x 16” pallets, was a dangerous and defective condition. His foot was caught in the seam and allegedly caused his injury. We litigated this case all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas and prevailed.

Texans Brief on Merits

Appellant’s Brief

Appeals re Mandate denied

PLTF 4th Amd Pet